Beckford recycles
Beckford Recycling Program
Earn Classroom Points by recycling bottles and cans
Every class to accumulate 100 points will earn a PIZZA REWARD

Results are sent out every 2 weeks via weekly emails.
Step 1
Collect California Redemption Value (CRV) Cans and Bottles
(No Milk, Juice, Wine, Food Containers)
recyclable bottles and cansEligible Recyclables
recyclables not accepted for credit
Not Eligible for Recycling
check labels
If you're not sure, check for the CA CRV logo
Step 2
Sort Cans, Plastic and Glass bottles into separate trash bags and mark bag with classroom #
  • Be sure to empty cans of all liquid

  • Crush all aluminum cans to save space
label your bags
Step 3

Bring your marked bags to your school entry gate and leave near the gate for collection.

Bags will be collected, generally, every other MONDAY on the following 2023-2024 school year dates :


Wednesday - 01/10/24
Monday - 01/29/24
Monday - 02/12/24
Monday - 02/26/24
Monday - 03/11/24
Friday - 03/22/24
(Pre-Spring Break)
Monday - 04/08/24
Monday - 04/22/24
Monday - 05/06/24
Monday - 05/20/24

(Last Collection)


recycle icon

Beckford Recycling

Help save the Earth and earn extra points for your Student's classroom. 

Bag collectors will earn 5 extra points for their student's classroom.

Haulers/sorters will earn 10 extra points for their student's classroom.


Beckford is now recycling plastic film; such as plastic shopping bags, dry cleaner bags, newspaper wrap, bread bags, etc.

You can drop your plastic bags in the receptacle located at the school office entrance hallway.

Please only recycling clean plastic bags/film